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Are you ready for a fuss-free, play-centered party? Parties are available on weekends only. Saturday (year-round) and Sunday (November-March).

Non-Members: $175.00 • AHA! Members: $150.00

Parties must be scheduled in advance and the full cost of the party must be made upon booking.

Basic Party Information

·      Party Zone is reserved for a one (1) hour time block. Party room will not be available for use until 5 minutes prior to your scheduled party time.

·   All items must be cleared from the party room by the end of your allotted time.

·      Following your party room time, you may enjoy unlimited play in the museum.

·      A maximum number of 30 guests (adults & children) is allowed in the party room at one time.

·      A staff member will come in to give a 10-minute warning that your party room time is almost over.


·      Host may provide the following food items only: cupcakes or cookies and juice boxes/pouches or bottled water.

·      Food and beverages must be kept in the party zone. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the premises or in the parking lot.


·      AHA! provides balloons and disposable table covers in our colors which must remain in the party room.

·      Party decorations may not be attached to the walls, doors or ceilings.

·      Please only distribute party favors as guests are leaving the building.


· Bringing extra food (basic parties only), failure to clear the party room by the end of your allotted time , or   failure to adhere to AHA! party policies will incur a $50 penalty fee.

·      Adults arriving to pick up their child, must remain in the lobby until the party host escorts their child out.

·      AHA! is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items brought into the museum.

·      Due to space limitation and respect of our other guests, we are unable to accommodate outside paid entertainment or costumed characters.

·      No coupons or discounts may be used towards party fees or overages.


·      Party reservation fees are non-refundable.

·      AHA! will be closed if a Level II (two) weather emergency has been issued for Fairfield County, Ohio. A staff member will notify you by phone if inclement weather is anticipated.

·      If you must cancel your party due to a family emergency (death or major injury) or if your party is cancelled due to a weather emergency, you may reschedule your party for the next available date.

AHA! Rules

·      An adult must accompany the children in the museum at all times, if possible maintain a 5:1 ration of children to adult.

·      No climbing, running or throwing of museum property.

·      For health and safety reasons, visitors must wear shoes at all times unless trying on a costume.

·      Plop Zone (blue & green carpeted area) is for 24 months of age and under.

·      An adult must be present in order to use the Art & Water Table Areas.

Deluxe Parties: $275.00

available Saturdays from 11:45 Am-1:45 PM ONLY.

Must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance.

·   Party Zone is reserved for a two (2) hour time block.

·   A maximum number of 30 guests (adults & children) are allowed in the party room at one time.

·   Host may provide any food of choice (excluding alcohol), but all food must remain in the party zone at all times.

·   All other basic party policies still apply.