Individual Membership: $60

Membership includes one named adult and one additional guest per visit. No additional names can be added to this membership.


Family Membership: $85

Membership includes one or two parents and all children, step-children, and foster children in the immediate family (under the age of 18).


Grandparent Membership: $85

Membership includes one or two (married) grandparents and all grandchildren, step-grandchildren, and foster grandchildren under the age of 18. 


Additional Names on any Family
or Grandparent Membership: $12 each

Additional names can be added to either the Family or Grandparent Membership. Individuals associated with the family on a constant basis such as relatives, caregivers or care recipients can be added, but separate family units must purchase their own memberships.


Daycare Provider Membership: $110

Membership includes one adult (over the age of 18) per every three children listed on the membership. Maximum number of names on membership is 8 and the 3:1 ratio must be complied with on every visit. 


Effective June 1: 

AHA! members will receive $1.00 off admission at The Works when they present their membership card.

Click Here to visit The Works.


Museum Guest Passes: $6 each

Give the gift of play! Quantity discounts are available.